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Net Zero Energy should be planned at an early stage for Green Buildings

MEP consultants should educate their staff and clients towards the energy-neutrality goal, says MD, KEO International

| | Sep 12, 2018 | 5:12 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 12 September 2018: Net Zero Energy is a recent concept, said Darrel Strobel, Managing Director MEP Engineering, KEO International Consultants, while elaborating on the role of MEP consultants in educating their staff and clients towards the energy-neutrality goal. “It is important to address concerns with regard to energy efficiency and Net Zero Energy at the preliminary or the consulting stage, especially when it comes to Green Buildings,” he said. He explained that buildings in the Middle East tend to consume more energy, as people are confined to indoor environments for long periods of time, adding strain on HVAC systems. He added, “If the HVAC systems are not designed and well-integrated into the building system, it will result in poor energy efficiency, leading to higher operating costs, hence, increasing the building’s carbon footprint.”

Darrel Strobel

While highlighting one of KEO’s projects, Strobel said, “KEO is currently working on a large commercial headquarter project in Dubai, UAE, which will be the first Net Zero Energy Building in the GCC region.” Today, the definition of Net Zero Energy differs world-over, but in this scenario, he said, it means being energy neutral. The project, he said, will not draw energy from a grid in order to operate. He said, “This is a tough task to achieve in practice and requires high energy-optimisation.” Elaborating, he said that for such a project, the building needs to be designed well, in order to minimise energy consumption without compromising on comfort. “It is the duty and responsibility of the MEP consultant to make a case to a client for an energy-efficient system or strategy, irrespective of the brief,” said Strobel, calling it a more cost-effective and long-term solution. He added, “The benefits of an nZEB are tremendous and in a world where carbon emissions result in higher global temperatures, the role of an MEP consultant is indispensable.”


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