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IOT-enabled 75F Smart Node a quick-install retrofit

The controller is designed for dynamic buildings and helps deliver on energy efficiency, says Vice President, 75F

| | Sep 23, 2018 | 11:05 am
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Smart Node

Bangalore, India, 23 September 2018: “The 75F Smart Node is an equipment controller that puts the ‘thing’, in the Internet of Things (IOT),” said Gaurav Burman, Vice President, 75F India. “The Smart Node is a combination of an OLED display, 11 I/O interface ports, wireless-mesh networking and software-defined hardware capabilities. It controls single-stage equipment, which works with existing HVAC equipment and system profiles, as a quick-install retrofit,” said Burman. He added that the controller can be used to monitor and control terminal equipment, including air handling units, damper actuators, Variable Air Volume (VAV) with reheat systems, smart dampers, heat pumps, hot water mixing valves and energy meters. The Node, he added, is flexible in accommodating different kinds of equipment, without the need for a specific controller model/SKU for each application.

Gaurav Burman

Burman said, “The product will change the way we see building automation with regard to HVAC systems and will also improve IAQ.”  Elaborating on the design, he said that the Smart Node has an OLED display, which provides real-time status feedback for quick installation and consistent troubleshooting. “The display elements change contextually, based on the equipment and the application process. For instance, when controlling an airflow damper, the room and airflow temperature will be displayed in a normal operation,” Burman said. Elaborating on the workings of the controller, he said that the technician operating it will be able to see live performance data, such as zone pairing, while setting up initial configurations and can override controls to diagnose equipment problems.

Speaking about upgrades to the product, Burman said, “We at 75F are committed to continuous improvement and thanks to Smart Node’s software-defined hardware concept, all improvements and software updates can be delivered remotely to all our customers, without the need for any manual intervention.”

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