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Eurovent Middle East to host workshop on VRF technology

Keynote speaker to share critical aspects of best practices for VRF installations, organiser says

| | Sep 9, 2018 | 10:25 am
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Dubai, UAE, 9 September 2018: Eurovent Middle East has announced a flagship workshop on Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), through a Press communiqué. The workshop will take place on 19 September, at Le Meridien Dubai Airport, at 6pm, and includes a networking dinner, the communiqué said. The free-of-charge event forms part of the association’s ‘HVACR Leadership Workshop’ series, the communiqué further said. Bibin Thomas, Business Development Manager, Adel Electronics, is the keynote speaker of the event, and he will share important aspects of best practices for VRF installation, the communiqué added.

Eurovent Middle East’s VRF workshop is meant for engineering and MEP consultants, investors and planners, in the United Arab Emirates and GCC region, the communiqué said. According to Eurovent Middle East, it will highlight topics, such as:

  • Benefits of VRF Technology
  • VRF Specifications: Misperceptions and Solutions
  • VRF: The Installer’s Role in Adding Value
  • VRF Regulatory Requirements in the GCC
  • VRF in Residential Applications
  • VRF as a Retrofit Solution

Commenting on the workshop, Thomas said: “VRF performance is only as good as the installation of the system. As installation experts we have a responsibility to ensure that equipment is installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards. We are still faced with challenges in the market in terms of the standard of installations; be it through personnel who aren’t suitably trained or not using proper tools. This workshop is an opportunity to share the most critical considerations for the installation of VRF equipment to increase awareness in the market.”

Nerissa Deoraj, Director Technical and Regulatory Affairs, Eurovent Middle East, said: “The Middle East region has experienced a boost in VRF projects over the past years. As this technology is comparatively new and complex, consultants, investors and planners, alike, have to be able to critically assess multiple aspects of VRF. During our workshop, high-ranking experts are going to support participants in better understanding this technology while, for instance, shedding light on issues such as seasonal efficiency.”

According to Eurovent Middle East, prospective participants can register for the workshop titled ‘All about Variable Refrigerant Flow’ at www.eurovent.me. The communiqué said participation is limited to 100 people and tickets will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

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