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Danfoss focuses on lower-GWP refrigerants at Refrigerant Week

Refrigerant Week, an official affiliate of Climate Week NYC, started on September 24 and will continue till September 28, company’s representative says

| | Sep 25, 2018 | 11:21 am
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Dubai, UAE, 25 September 2018: As the price of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants increases and regulations become tougher, Danfoss is focusing on helping industry professionals and decision-makers make the transition to lower-GWP refrigerants, at its second annual Refrigerant Week, the company announced in a Press communiqué.

Refrigerant Week, an official affiliate of Climate Week NYC, started on September 24 and will continue till September 28, the communiqué said. Refrigerant Week includes webinars, tools, resources and local events, aimed at promoting and enabling lower-GWP solutions, the communiqué further said. Refrigerant Week activities include nine webinars, available both in English and local languages, that will cover topics such as the future of sustainable cooling, global trends on refrigerants and regulations, flammable refrigerants, the means to reduce refrigerant charge, CO2 in industrial systems and small stores, and refrigerant selection in commercial refrigeration, the communiqué added.

Refrigeration and air conditioning professionals need the right information, tools and technology to comply with regulations specified by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, the communiqué said.  This, and more, will be covered during Refrigerant Week 2018, the communiqué further said.

Ziad Al Bawaliz

Jürgen Fischer, President, Danfoss Cooling, said: “Even though countries have different timeframes, switching to more climate-friendly refrigerants is a global concern. The HVACR sector can make important contributions even now with energy efficient and lower-GWP equipment, and it’s here that Danfoss can make a significant impact. We believe that by providing industry expertise, product qualifications, in-depth training, and testing facilities, to our customers and business partners, we can all keep moving in the same direction. Refrigerant Week is a big part of that.”

Ziad Al Bawaliz, Regional President for Turkey, Middle East and Africa, Danfoss, said: “Refrigerants are a hot-button issue for the Middle East at the moment, especially with the race to freeze levels in the region by 2028 – it is our hope that we are able to help facilitate this process for all attendees. We are looking forward to engaging with even more companies, countries and individuals, from around the world, during Refrigerant Week 2018.”

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