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Bitzer launches new range of condensing units

The Ecolite series makes use of a small amount of refrigerant, says company’s representative

| | Sep 23, 2018 | 10:09 am
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Stefan Leitl

Dubai, UAE, 23 September 2018: “Condensing units need to be suitable for different applications, such as low and medium temperature refrigeration,” said Stefan Leitl, Managing Director, Bitzer Middle East, while referring to Ecolite, the manufacturing company’s new range of condensers. He further said, “Today, maintaining sound levels and achieving efficiency are two major challenges with condensing units.” He explained that Ecolite uses low-GWP refrigerants and follows a “plug-and-play” concept, making it user-friendly and easy to handle.

According to Bitzer, the series of condensing units offers optional capacity control from 10-100% and, due to its compact construction, it can be easily integrated, even when space is limited. Elaborating on the sustainability aspect of the product range, Leitl said, “The Ecolite series of condensers make use of a small amount of refrigerant and is optimised with a mini-channel condenser, which has a high heat transfer rate and a low refrigerant charge.” He added, “Every time we develop something new, we aspire to make it even more sustainable than the last version and, for us, being sustainable is being innovative in itself.”

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