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Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer affordable option, Dwyer says

Priced at 30% lower than others, small manometers likely to become a trend, says company’s representative

| | Aug 29, 2018 | 3:37 pm
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Tom Lorenz

Dubai, UAE, 29 August 2018: The Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer, by Dwyer Instruments Inc., is a handheld, battery-operated manometer, used to capture pressure measurements that are necessary to balance HVAC hydronic systems, said Tom Lorenz, Senior Product Manager, Test Equipment, Dwyer Instruments Inc. He said: “The instrument measures the pressure drop across the balancing valve, which then helps determine where to set the valve in order to achieve the designed flow rate. It can also be used to measure the pressure drop across chillers to determine and monitor coil conditions.”

Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer

A differentiating factor when compared to other meters, Lorenz said, is the compact size of the meter and valve, which makes it ergonomically friendly. He said, “The menu navigation makes the meter user-friendly and the pressure ranges offered (up to 500 psi), allow the meter to be used even in the tallest of buildings.” The manometer, he elaborated, has an improved resolution, moving the decimal point in the bottom 10% of the range, to give extra resolution at the lower end. He added: “The unit also has digital dampening which helps steady the reading, even at a fraction of an inch of a water column. Both the factors, i.e., the resolution and ability to measure higher pressure eliminates the need to bring multiple meters on a job site.”

Another interesting characteristic of the instrument, Lorenz said, is the extra strength of the magnet to the rubber boot of the device, which enables it to bear the weight of the manometer with added force. He said: “The magnets will ensure that contractors don’t have to worry about their manometer falling off a duct. An optional strap is also available for applications without a magnetic surface.” He added  the instrument also allows tubing where the air and water that comes from the bleed valve, can be transferred to a bucket.

Highlighting that cost plays a crucial role in the use of such meters, Lorenz said: “The meter is cost-effective as it is priced 30% lower than others in the market, making it an affordable option.” The product, he said, will, most likely, start the trend of small manometers, as they are easy to handle.


Ranjana Konatt is Features Writer at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at ranjana@cpi-industry.com

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