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Halton acquires US indoor air equipment manufacturer

Acquisition makes LCSystems Inc., a part of Halton’s Foodservice business that specialises in professional kitchen environments, company representative says

| | Aug 26, 2018 | 9:55 am
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Scottsville, Kentucky, USA, 26 August 2018: Halton Group, an indoor air company, has acquired the business activities and product design rights of LCSystems Inc., a Kentucky, US-based firm that manufactures supply and exhaust air equipment for professional kitchens, the former company said in a Press communiqué.

The acquisition makes the company a part of Halton’s Foodservice business, which specialises in professional kitchen environments, the communiqué said. In recent years, Halton has been systematically working to expand its range of professional kitchen products from hood solutions to comprehensive air handling systems, the communiqué further said.

Commenting on the acquisition, Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice, said, “The acquisition of LCSystems supports our chosen strategy and accelerates the entry of our comprehensive solutions into the North American market, where we will continue to aim at significant growth as the industry-leading technology supplier.”

The acquisition is preceded by a long history between the two companies that has its roots in development work done within the ASHRAE network in the 1990s, the communiqué said. The companies started cooperation for manufacturing ETL licensed products in 2004, the communiqué further said.

Steve Brown, Founder, LCSystems,  said: “I have known Halton for over 20 years and seen that our approach to product innovation, quality and customer relationship management is similar. This experience has convinced me that LCSystems’ customers will continue to receive high-quality service from Halton.”

The communiqué said the acquisition, worth slightly below USD 4 million, was completed on  June 30, 2018.

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