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Grundfos launches energy-efficient CR pumps

Move is a step towards reducing energy wastage with reference to pumping systems, says company’s representative

| | Aug 15, 2018 | 2:35 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 15 August 2018: Grundfos has launched a new range of CR programme-based pumps. “These are vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps,” said Krzysztof Myslinski, Executive Manager, Business Development, Grundfos. “The in-line design of which enables installation in a horizontal one-pipe system, where the inlet and outlet ports are in the same horizontal level and have the same pipe dimensions.”

Krzysztof Myslinski

While elaborating on the development of the new technology and the advantage it has over other pumps, Myslinski said: “The pumps are developed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that no compromises are made on quality and performance.” He added that the vertical
design of the pumps reduces space requirements, resulting in a much smaller physical footprint as compared to horizontally installed pumps. “The laser-welded impellers and chambers reduce the risk of cavitation and increase the lifecycle of the pump, while the EU Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) benchmark of MEI ≥ 0.70, ensures that the pumps save on energy consumption.”

Speaking on the trends and challenges related to pumps in the industry, he said: “One latest challenge that the CR programme-based pumps are able to address is that they can work with high variations in load and run efficiently at any duty point. Today, there is a demand for pumps that are not only highly efficient but also are equipped with intelligent controls that allow them to operate based on demand.” The launch of the CR programmed pumps, Myslinski said, is an important and positive step towards reducing energy wastage with reference to pump systems.

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