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Grundfos highlights need for intelligent solutions to ensure sustainable development

Technology and IoT are enablers that will change the way we communicate across industries, says company representative

| | Aug 13, 2018 | 3:45 pm
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Hasan Avci

Dubai, UAE, 13 August 2018: There is an increasing need to explore new methods of communication using technology, said Hasan Avci, Regional Director, Marketing Strategy, Grundfos. “Technology and intelligence are changing the way we communicate across industries,” he said. “We hope that people see how digital can be made simple. Grundfos has been a leader in embracing the digital movement since the 1990s, and we view technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to be enablers, which help customers connect and work seamlessly.”

Elaborating on the Grundfos Forum 2018, Avci said: “With the help of technology and through the conference, participants can learn about industry trends and intelligent solutions that not only align or lead global trends but also help ensure sustainable development.” He added that the forum has 28 countries and over 500 participants, which will give rise to new opportunities and partnerships from around the world. While highlighting the potential of such an event, Avci said: “We are certain that more companies will join in. Participants can also share their experience, or a particular session they liked, by using social sharing buttons available on the platform.”



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