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Green Energy Solutions conducts test with natural ventilation in a furnace

Test could be a solution to ventilating industrial buildings, says representative

| | Aug 5, 2018 | 5:15 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 5 August 2018: Green Energy Solutions carried out a test for Saverglass, where the company installed 40 of their new Hurricane Plus roof-mounted ventilators, the latest in Wind Tunnel Technology, to control the temperature in a furnace by using natural ventilation.

According to Green Energy Solutions, Saverglass, the French-owned company which specialises in crafting luxury bottles, was looking for a solution to keep temperatures in the furnace area within 12 degrees C, as compared to 20 degrees C, by using natural ventilation.

Barrie Harmsworth, Managing Partner, Green Energy Solutions, said: “The test was carried out in the furnace area of the factory. We were successfully able to maintain the temperature of 11.9 degrees C. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first time where a roof-mounted ventilator had been tested in severe Gulf temperatures.”

According to Green Energy Solutions, the Hurricane Plus roof-mounted ventilator is equipped with sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and with no moving parts, it is said to be more efficient and effective than any rotating ventilator.

While focusing on the measurement process of the test, Harmsworth said: “Temperatures were measured using data logs, both before and after the ventilators were installed and the difference between the two sets of the readings, were also assessed.” He added that the results achieved were in keeping with the expected results and that the test was administered by an independent third-party expert – RAK Laboratories.

Elaborating on the engineering exercise, Harmsworth said: “Ventilation as a field has not been extensively researched. With research, the basic laws of physics cannot be ignored. Unfortunately, very often, the conservative nature of clients and their overindulgence on investment returns, dulls the spirit of innovation. However, the test could be the next best solution for ventilating industrial buildings.”



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