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Filipina student invents air conditioner with no refrigerant

With air as the cooling medium there will be zero global warming potential and no environmental or health threats, says 19-year-old inventor on AirDisc’s patented design

| | Aug 13, 2018 | 9:53 am
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Bicol, Philippines, 13 August 2018: Maria Yzabell “MY” Angel Palma, a 19-year-old incoming college freshman from the Philippines, has received a wave of international recognition and awards for her invention, AirDisc – an air conditioner that can operate without a refrigerant.

Maria Palma with the AirDisc

Describing the basic principle behind AirDisc, Palma explained when air molecules are compressed, they generate heat. “AirDisc offers a disc-shaped centrifugal compressor that use air molecules, with their attendant moistures, as the refrigerant,” she said. “All air molecules from a given room, after direct heat removal, are then fully discharged back into the room. It uses a low-power rating electric motor that allows users to benefit from low energy consumption.”

Palma stressed that with air as the cooling medium, there will be zero global warming potential and no environmental or health threats. “Residential, commercial, and industrial establishments as well as the air conditioning industry will benefit hugely from the aforementioned features,” she said. Palma confirmed that a patent application has been filed under the United States Patent & Trademarks Office and they will be taking the Patent Cooperation Treaty route, where 152 countries that signed the treaty will recognise the patent of the technology.

Based in Bicol, Philippines, Palma developed the technology initially as part of a Grade 10 school project, which she further tweaked with the aid of her father, Bernardo Palma, a mechanical engineer by profession.“When AirDisc is launched, assembly-type mass production will be implemented. This will benefit a lot of people, especially the labourers and other stakeholders,” she said.


Thus far, Palma has received the Leading Innovator Award from IIPNF (Malaysia), International Leadership Award from Eurobusiness, Haller (Poland), International Leadership Award from China Association of Invention (China), Leadership Excellence Award from MyRIS (Malaysia), Leading Student Award from NRCT (Thailand), Leading Innovator Award from INNOPA (Indonesia), International Leadership Award from WIIPA (Taiwan), Best Innovation Award from WIIPA (Taiwan), Special Citation for Best Invention from MyRIS (Malaysia) and International Best Young Inventor from FIR (Romania).

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Hannah Jo Uy is Assistant Editor at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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