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Aldes Middle East launches Zone Register Terminals

Zone Register Terminals will increase energy efficiency, while also being cost-effective, says company’s representative

| | Aug 14, 2018 | 10:24 am
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Dubai, UAE, 14 August 2018: Aldes Middle East has launched Zone Register Terminals (ZRT) for Guest Room Ventilation systems. Speaking on the need for ZRTs, Shpak Kostya, Mechanical Engineer, Aldes Middle East, said, “Reducing operational costs is imperative and ZRTs are designed to maintain the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a room, while also controlling ventilation when a room is not occupied, hence making it more energy efficient.”

Shpak Kostya

According to Aldes Middle East, each ZRT is a combination of a grille, a register box, control damper and a Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR), where the Zone Register Terminals are designed to introduce flexibility and give on-demand control to central ventilation systems.

Elaborating on the features of the ZRT, Kostya said: “Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR) is one of the key components of the ZRT. It has a passive control element which responds to duct pressure and does not require electric or pneumatic sensors or controls.” He added: “A control element of the CAR is a flexible bulb, which inflates and deflates in response to the static pressure difference across the control. This regulates the free area opening through the CAR, ensuring that a room is not over- or under-ventilated.”


Highlighting how the control damper works, Kostya said: “The second important aspect of ZRT, is its ‘on and off’ control damper, which allows it to control ventilation based on demand. Once the ZRT is connected to the room management system, the control damper gets a signal to close ventilation, especially when a room is not occupied.” He also said that the concept has gained much appreciation from hotel and guest room owners.

Giving a rough comparison between Volume Control Dampers (VCD) and CAR, Kostya said: “VCD is manually controlled and adjusted and hence will not respond to any change in movement inside a room. This results in a stack effect, where wind pressure and filter clogging will most likely lead to the over-ventilation of a room, resulting in bad IAQ. But the unique combination of CAR paired with a control damper automatically controls and regulates the level of airflow in a room.” He added that Aldes has a number of projects underway, where guest rooms are fitted with ventilation systems based on ZRT solutions.



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