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AHRI upgrades its Directory of Certified Product Performance

Upgraded directory and application to allow greater flexibility, improved reporting and availability on-the-go, says AHRI representative

| | Aug 7, 2018 | 4:00 pm
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Arlington, Virginia, USA, 7 August 2018: The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), upgraded its Directory of Certified Product Performance and also launched an application for the directory on Google Play store and iTunes for Android and Apple users respectively, the institution said through a Press communiqué.

Francis Dietz

Francis Dietz, Vice President, Public Affairs, AHRI, said: “The upgrades made to the directory, support various regulatory and reporting requirements and will benefit manufacturers working in the HVACR sector. Since its launch in January, AHRI has worked diligently to improve the system and correct any glitches. The application, which is available on iTunes and Google Play Store, will give users access to the directory wherever they might be.”

While elaborating on how a user can search the directory, Dietz said: “A user can carry out a search by using any one of the three mentioned ways. By logging in using an AHRI reference number, by using a complete model number or by using a brand combination.” He said, “One of the interesting aspects of the directory, is that users can generate and save in-field certificates via text, e-mail and even have them printed whenever required.” According to AHRI, the directory will prove to be a handy tool for regulators and local manufacturers, one which they can rely on for an accurate and unbiased evaluation of the HVACR industry and water heating equipment.

While sharing his thoughts on leveraging the new framework to resolve additional issues related to product performance, Dietz said:In the next few months, AHRI will explore new ideas, for instance, adding self-help functions, so that participants receive quick feedback based on the needs of their model requirements. Our certification programme has numerous benefits, including enhancing consumer confidence in the performance of products. AHRI follows a random selection and tests equipment in third-party laboratories around the world, assuring buyers that the manufacturers they participate with produce products with valid ratings.”



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