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ACCA releases bulletin for working with flammable A3 refrigerants

Initiative will help technicians identify equipment, while also providing protocol for servicing, maintaining and decommissioning each product, says ACCA’s representative

| | Aug 19, 2018 | 3:14 pm
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Arlington, Virginia, USA, 19 August 2018: The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), released ‘Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Using Flammable A3 Refrigerants’, a technical bulletin, which addresses the challenges faced by technicians when working with products that have Flammable A3 Refrigerants, the company announced in a Press communiqué.

Todd Washam

Todd Washam, Director of Public Policy, Air Conditioning Contractors of America, said, “The leading challenge when it comes to technicians today, is that they may not realise that the self-contained unit they are servicing contains flammable refrigerants, which necessitates the use of different servicing and decommissioning techniques, for instance, not using a torch during an operation.” The bulletin, Washam added, addresses such problems, while keeping the focus on equipment like beverage coolers, reach-in coolers and other systems that are typically found in convenience stores. He said: “The bulletin will help a technician to identify each equipment and product while he follows the protocol for servicing, maintaining and decommissioning it. It will also help the technician follow Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) instructions that are specific to each type of equipment.”

While highlighting some of the emerging challenges with regard to technicians and contractors who deal with highly flammable refrigerants, Washam said, “One of the greatest concerns is with split air conditioning systems, they have larger refrigerant charges along with interconnected piping behind walls, where very often leaks occur and might even go unnoticed, as they can be difficult to locate.”

While elaborating on the subject and recent trends, Washam mentioned a growing difficulty in finding skilled technicians. He said: “Along with the lack of awareness of the need for proper training, the industry is also finding it difficult to attract talent. The refrigeration sector needs technicians who are advanced, who have the skill to service products. ACCA wishes to address the lack of awareness and hence is undertaking projects of this nature.”


Ranjana Konatt is Features Writer at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at ranjana@cpi-industry.com

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