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Kelvion to exhibit at the SMM Trade Fair in Hamburg, Germany

‘Take a K°ruise around the world of Kelvion’ is the theme of the company’s presence at the exhibition, official says

| | Jul 29, 2018 | 3:49 pm
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Bochum, Germany, 29 July, 2018: Visitors to the SMM trade fair, from September 4-7, 2018, in Hamburg, Germany, will be invited to take a ‘K°ruise around the World of Kelvion’ to see how heat exchangers can save energy, reduce emissions, improve safety and increase heat recovery, the company said in a Press communiqué.

The company will be exhibiting a range of products for on-board and offshore plants and systems that offer safety, reliability and durability even in the most turbulent conditions at sea, the communiqué said.

Kelvion Box Cooler

The products featured include LNG/gas engines where Kelvion’s shell and tube double safety heat exchangers ensure safe and efficient gas preheating for the regasification process on board gas-driven marine vessels, the communiqué said. The engine room features Kelvion’s Box Cooler, which combines efficient, powerful cooling over a long service life, the communiqué further said.

The K°ruise continues with a look at Scrubber Water Coolers, which play an important role in scrubber systems, lowering a ship’s emissions by removing SOx particles from exhaust gas, the communiqué said. Also on show will be Heat Exchanger Coils for HVAC systems, the communiqué further said. The K˚ruise concludes by docking alongside the LNG Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU), the communiqué added.

Charge air coolers, brazed plate heat exchangers and exhaust gas recirculation coolers will also be featured during the show, the communiqué said. According to Kelvion, over the four days of the show, the Kelvion crew will be on hand to provide information and advice.



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