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Fifth World Green Economy Summit to be held from 24 to 25 October, 2018

WGES 2018 is focused on promoting sustainability and investment in the Green Economy, organisers say

| | Jul 5, 2018 | 11:23 am
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Dubai, UAE, 5 July 2018: The Fifth World Green Economy Summit (WGES 2018) will be held from 24 to 25 October, 2018, the organisers said in a Press communiqué. The summit which is organised by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and World Green Economy Organisation (WGEO), in collaboration with Supreme Council of Energy and UNDP, will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the communiqué said.

The conference comprises two days of debate and discussion, focused on promoting sustainability and investment in the Green Economy, and paving the path towards a more resilient future, the communiqué said.

According to DEWA and WGEO, at WGES 2018, visitors can:

  • Hear from Ministers and other government leaders on the collective effort that is being taken by governments around the world for a global transition to the Green Economy.
  • Understand the prospects and benefits of harnessing disruptive technologies for promoting Green solutions such as block chain, Green crypto currencies, etc.
  • Hear from leading sustainable finance experts on their outlook for Green finance and investment, including recent trends such as Green bonds, Green washing, etc.
  • Get inspired by China’s clean-energy strategy and learn how the world’s largest energy consumer plans to balance economic growth with sustainable energy policies.
  • Explore the GCC region’s remarkable journey towards sustainability and economic diversification.

For more information, visit: http://www.wges.ae/.

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