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AMCA app continues to draw attention, body says

Spec Check mobile app to get updates by Q4, says representative

| | Jul 30, 2018 | 11:27 am
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Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States, 30 July 2018: The Air Movement and Control Association’s (AMCA’s) Spec Check mobile app, which the body launched in May 2018, to date has attracted over 200 users, said Robb Clawson, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications, AMCA International. “We are continuing to promote our application and hope to continue to have more users in the coming months,” he said. “We are working with our application developer and have a few updates in the pipeline, which we hope to roll out by Q4.”

Robb Clawson

AMCA developed the app earlier in the year, in response to demand from members and customers, including specifying engineers, architects, contractors and other stakeholders, the body said, adding that since the launch, the stakeholders have had quick and complete access pertaining to the Certified Ratings Program (CRP). Clawson added that the new initiative has been welcomed with positive feedback. One such comment, he said, is that the app has provided speed and convenience for users to access information without having to log in to the Web. “The success of this initiative is evident,” he said. “Users have commented on how easy it is to verify or research a product’s CRP status, just with a few swipes and taps.”

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