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Smart sensors make energy saving second nature

New Multi V 5 system prioritises energy efficiency while tacking humidity, LG official says

| | Jun 27, 2018 | 5:23 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 27 June 2018: While many top-of-the-line VRF solutions are designed to keep temperatures under control, efficiently creating the ideal environment also involves tackling humidity,  LG Electronics said, while introducing its new Multi V 5 VRF system, through a Press communiqué.

LG Multi V 5

Office productivity and morale suffer if responsible steps are not taken to guarantee employee comfort by reigning in temperature and humidity, the communiqué said. The need to combat humidity is felt even more acutely at production facilities, since these concerns apply to costly equipment and machinery as well as employees, the communiqué further said.

According to LG, these issues are addressed by the dual sensing control capabilities of  the new Multi V 5. It raises user comfort while increasing control, allowing the Multi V 5 to perform real-time climate evaluations down to the smallest detail, the communiqué said. Unlike conventional air conditioners which only track temperature, the Multi V 5 is able to measure the temperature and humidity levels of surrounding outdoor and indoor environments, the communiqué further said. This comprehensive understanding of its surroundings helps the Multi V 5 tailor its performance to not only be green and promote healthy environments but achieve optimal energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels, the communiqué added.

Commenting on the new Multi V 5, Sook Wang Lee, General Manager, System Air Conditioning Business, LG Electronics Gulf, said: “Most VRFs don’t take room humidity into account when calculating airflow output. This can cause users to overuse their air conditioner as they seek to create a comfortable temperature. Similarly, in rooms that have lower levels of humidity, air conditioners may be able to operate at lower levels despite the user tendency to turn up the AC at every opportunity.”

According to LG, efficient systems like smart load control make it possible to control the outdoor unit’s discharge refrigerant temperature, increasing energy efficiency by up to 31%. The communiqué said, the addition of the comfort cooling function and dual sensing control gives the Multi V 5 the ability to maintain operation around a desired temperature, delivering maximum user comfort.

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