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Hitachi, Eros Group to donate air purifiers as part of CSR programme

Air purifiers will be donated to institutions that support children with special needs, company official says

| | Jun 11, 2018 | 1:27 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 11 June 2018: Eros Group, a distributor in the United Arab Emirates, in partnership with Hitachi, has outlined a donation of air purifiers to institutions that support children with special needs, the former company announced in a Press communiqué

The communiqué said the company’s CSR initiative is aimed at creating awareness about the health hazards of indoor air pollution, especially on the health of children. The communiqué further said that using air purifiers not only helps in purifying the air that circulates internally, it also helps in reducing triggers such as pet dander (flakes of skin), mould spores, dust and tobacco smoke particles.

Commenting on the initiative, Hidenori Zen, Managing Director, Hitachi Sales Middle East, said: “Hitachi’s global vision is to contribute to the society through the development of superior original technology and products and our corporate and social responsibility activities are also at the heart of this vision. The company aims to build a better future through collaborative creation and therefore, together with Eros Group, we have supported donating Hitachi air purifiers to institutions with special needs.”

Deepak Babani, Executive Vice Chairman, Eros Group, commented: “Indoor air pollution can greatly affect not only the child’s health but the overall health of the family and can have both short-term and long-term health issues. Our partnership in this CSR drive with Hitachi not only synergises with their objective but also ours to reach out to the future generation.”   

 Niranjan Gidwani, CEO, Eros Group, added, “The WHO reports that 92% of the population breathes air with unhealthy levels of pollutants. We are therefore extremely proud to donate air purifiers to institutions for special needs so that they can experience the benefits of using an air purifier and breathe smoke-free and pollution-free air. While this is just the first step of this initiative, we hope to continue this endeavour in future as well.”


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