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Chigo to provide cooling for two venues at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Chigo’s HVAC CMV-X VRF System has been selected for two stadiums, company official says

| | May 31, 2018 | 8:30 am
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China, 31 May 2018: Chigo HVAC has been selected to provide professional cooling solutions for the Volgograd Arena and Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, two event venues at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Russia, the company announced via a Press communiqué.

According to Chigo, their cooling solutions will provide cool air to 90,000 visitors at one time. Both stadia will install Chigo’s full DC inverter CMV-X VRF system, the communiqué said. The system is equipped with DC compressor and DC brushless fan motor and has a wide capacity range from 8HP to 22HP for a single module with a maximum capacity of 88HP, the communiqué further said. The CMV-X cooling mode operation ranges from -five degrees C to 50 degrees C, while the heating mode operation ranges from -20 degrees C to 30 degrees C, suitable for both cold and hot regions, the communiqué added.

The communiqué said the CMV-X VRF system has various safety protections to keep running in a stable and high-efficiency state. It has a three-stage back-up function and the whole system can work well even in emergency situations, the communiqué further said.

According to Chigo, an upgraded CMV-X series-CMV-X plus will also be launched, in 2018,which uses two-stage throttle and EVI compressor to increase the EER and COP, thus, greatly increasing heating performance in extreme cold weather. The communiqué said the cooling mode operation range would be from -five degrees C to 55 degrees C, while its heating mode operation range would be from -25 degrees C to 30 degrees C.



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