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Eaton publishes paper to help data centres optimise power supply reliability

Paper offers practical advice on optimising a data centre’s power chain, company official says

| | Apr 18, 2018 | 11:09 am
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Dubai, UAE, 18 April 2018: The power management company Eaton has published a paper for data centre managers with advice on how to ensure power supply reliability is taken into account when commissioning a new data centre, the company said in a Press communiqué.

Entitled ‘Fast Track to Improved Power Supply Reliability’, the paper offers practical advice on optimising a data centre’s power chain and explains how, by considering the individual requirements of all components, a data centre’s power infrastructure can be designed to meet both current and future requirements to guarantee business continuity.

Karim Refas, Regional Channel Manager ME, Eaton, said: “Mission critical applications rely on having a continuous supply of clean power under all conditions, making the design of the supporting power infrastructure crucial. An early consultation with an experienced supplier is essential for identifying and overcoming possible challenges, some of which the installers may not even be aware of, in order to ensure the system’s safety, reliability and availability.”

The paper examines what needs to be considered in terms of power distribution and UPS components to achieve a system that is reliable and protected against unscheduled power events, the communiqué said. It covers topics such as three- and four-pole switching, the impact of a UPS on a power system, possible fault conditions, including arc flashes and operation and maintenance issues, as well as the latest industry standards, the communiqué further said. The paper also highlights the possible consequences of failing to follow good design principles, the communiqué added.

According to Eaton, the company will also publish a set of five technical white papers in order to provide data centre designers with in-depth practical guidance on how to optimise system reliability.


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