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Trimble introduces Tekla 2018 BIM software solutions

New releases bring faster 3D modelling processes and more precise detailing, says company official

| | Mar 26, 2018 | 2:28 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 26 March 2018: Trimble has introduced three new versions of its software for structural engineering, fabrication and construction teams: Tekla Structures 2018, Tekla Structural Designer 2018 and Tekla Tedds 2018, said Ville Rousu, Director, Product Development, Trimble.

Speaking on the development, Rousu said, “These solutions provide increased control and improved documentation through constructible Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows for stakeholders in structural steel, precast, cast and concrete.”

Explaining the features of the upgrade, Rosou added that the new version also supports point clouds, which allows delivery of coordinated, constructible designs that fit existing structures seamlessly. “The collaborative workflow from design and analysis to detailing and fabrication is smoother than before, regardless of structural material,” Rousu said.

Rousu further said that Tekla Structures 2018 brings faster 3D modelling processes, more precise detailing, better control over changes and quicker production of drawings with less effort, in addition to workflow-related efficiency gains.


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