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Square peg in a round hole

Designs for chilled water systems in the Gulf region are being copy-pasted from heating specifications, abroad, industry insider says

| | Mar 5, 2018 | 9:42 am
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Dubai, UAE, 5 March 2018: Efficiency is unlikely to be obtained in a copy-paste approach. This is especially the case, when designs for chilled water systems duplicate standard heating systems, which often happens in the Gulf region, said Jim Martin, Sales Director – Middle East, Flamco. Martin said that he has seen specifications for chilled water systems copied from American heating specifications, which “quite frankly don’t work”, in the regional context.

Martin said that he has seen specifications that are often misguided and “use 70-year-old technology”, despite the fact that more efficient and compact equipment have been introduced to the market. “There’s a gap in education that must be addressed,” Martin said. “There needs to be a lot more tolerance towards international standards. We, as a European designer and manufacturer, design according to [the] European pressure equipment directive, which in our opinion, is a better safety standard.”

Martin emphasised that it is important for local specifications to address energy-efficiency features and use the best available technology, accordingly. He added that stakeholders must appreciate the value of certifications, as an indicator of a manufacturer’s superior design and capacity.

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