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New products shaped by energy efficiency, says Haier

Environmental consciousness, technical innovations also underpinned product development, company representative says

| | Mar 7, 2018 | 2:29 pm
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Haier Industrial Park, Qingdao, China, 7 March 2018: Haier’s new products are developed with an emphasis on energy savings, environmental consciousness and technical innovation, said Zhan Jie, Overseas Department Director, Haier Commercial Air Conditioning. Commenting on latest developments in the company’s product range, Jie said Haier is set to launch MRV5 wireless connection with indoor units, adding that it is able to achieve a pipe length of 1,000 metres and a height drop of 110 metres.

Jie also highlighted the benefits of the company’s magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller for consumers, adding that Haier aims to promote the advantages of intelligent control systems through smart sensors in commercial air conditioning applications in 2018.

Hannah Jo Uy is Features Writer at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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