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MAPEI invests USD 6.5 million to expand its facilities in Dubai Investment Park

Italy aims to be a strategic partner in UAE’s move to diversify its economy, says Ambassador of Italy to the UAE

| | Mar 21, 2018 | 6:01 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 21 March 2018: Italy-based MAPEI, a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the construction industry, celebrated more than 10 years in the UAE, on March 21, with the inauguration of its USD 6.5 million expansion of facilities at the Dubai Investment Park, laying the groundwork for upcoming Middle East developments.

Veronica Squinzi, Global Development Director, MAPEI, marked the occasion, which coincides with the family company’s 81st year in operation, to reiterate their commitment to R&D as an engine for growth, adding that MAPEI’s local presence has allowed it to efficiently deliver knowledge and expertise through its network of companies without compromising quality and environmental impact. In attendance was His Excellency Liborio Stellino, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE, who described the event as the best occasion to celebrate the flavour of Italy and its inevitable mix of tradition and innovation by commending the company for its ability to “rejuvenate, renew and regenerate” despite the crisis. Stellino said the Italian government views the United Arab Emirates as a “privileged platform in the Gulf”, adding that Italy understands and supports the United Arab Emirates’ efforts to diversify its economy and that Italy aims to continue its strategic partnership with the country in this regard.

“MAPEI played a pivotal role in the construction sector of the UAE and contributed to its infrastructure through its innovations,” said Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager, Dubai Investment Park. Mesmar added that MAPEI achieved economic success, while being socially responsible to the UAE community through its sustainable and environmentally friendly products and solutions, adding that that the company has been “a strong partner in the growth and evolution of Dubai Investment Park”.

Stefano Iannacone, Regional Director, MAPEI, traced the company’s growth from first receiving its trade license in 2007, the first production the following year and the first export to Saudi Arabia by 2009. The company, he said, has a reported growth of 64% between 2008 and 2017. In 2017, he said, Dubai was named the regional headquarters for Middle East and East Africa and that last December MAPEI Egypt was incorporated, signalling the company’s further advancement in the region.

Iannacone also shed light on the activities taking place in the company’s commercial and technical training centre in Dubai and the company’s commitment toward proper material selection in the context of enhancing best practices in the region. He said, “The secret recipe of our success is people – not only employees but building business relationships with people through technical trainings, or other means, to strengthen the bonds and relationship between the supplier and the customer.” Sharing the company’s approach to the market, Iaanacone said, MAPEI works to understand the requirements of clients and applicators, propose the best solution, and train them on how to use the products as per the necessary conditions, to ensure optimum operation.

Iannacone further said, “We spend a lot of time building relationships with architects, with specifiers, trying to sit with these heroes in the construction industry and understand their objectives, so we can propose the best possible solutions in the industry.”

Iannacone touched on the issue of specifications being copy-pasted from existing projects, adding that he believes new systems, products and developments can contribute in delivering a highly performance, yet cost-effective, product and that the technical seminar plays a pivotal role in this regard.

Hannah Jo Uy is Features Writer at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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