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LG launches Multi V 5 in Abu Dhabi

“Good match for the environmental focus of Abu Dhabi 2030,” says President, LG Electronics Gulf

| | Mar 20, 2018 | 4:30 pm
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Abu Dhabi, UAE, 19 March 2018:  LG has launched its MULTI V 5 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution in Abu Dhabi, the company announced in a Press communiqué.

Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf, spoke about the technology in the context of Abu Dhabi’s sustainability agenda. “We can provide total air management solutions. For the Multi V 5, we are working closely to improve and introduce the new model because [we believe] it is a good match for the environmental focus of Abu Dhabi 2030, given its energy efficiency,” Choi said.

Abdullah Hassan Al Muaini, Executive Director of Conformity Schemes Services Sector, Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), said, “To meet our ambitious goals we need international partners who are global leaders to work hand in hand with us. LG has demonstrated time and again they can deliver what they promise. Their products help meet our development and sustainability goals through power savings and energy efficient solutions.”

Al Muaini said that the role of the QCC is to promote the competiveness of Abu Dhabi in becoming one of the most attractive destinations for investment in technology and human capital. “Through continuous development of quality infrastructure services and systems, QCC aims at creating globally recognised quality brands, enhancing competiveness of the industry and raising the quality of traded goods, services and exports in Abu Dhabi,” Al Muaini said.

Al Muaini added that QCC, through market surveillance activities, verifies that projects within the emirate comply with the necessary standards. “We have a comprehensive certification process,” he said, “and [LG] has been meeting our standards and requirements. Having a partner like LG that understands and delivers beyond our expectations is important, especially in this part of the world where electricity and reduction of power consumption is critical.” Energy efficiency, he said, is at the forefront of Abu Dhabi’s agenda.

According to LG, Mohamad Gamal Saffar, Engineering Manager, LG Middle East and Africa, highlighted five of the equipment’s main features in a presentation. These features are: dual sensing control, which measures both temperature and humidity for both outdoor and indoor environments; inverter compressor operating from 10 Hz to 165 Hz, along with enhanced bearing system layered with PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and smart oil management using sensors to minimise unnecessary oil recovery operation; large capacity outdoor units that can reach 20 HP, with a maximum capacity of 60 HP; Ocean Black Fin heat exchangers to protect from corrosive substances and moisture build-up; and Auto Dust Removal providing automated cleaning. Addressing a question related to the last feature, during the interactive portion of the event, an LG representative also emphasised the importance of regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance, as the feature should not be seen as an ultimate answer for dust accumulation in the condenser – though it is a vital function to delay the period of accumulation of dust.

Choi said that LG is also proactive at enhancing the technical skill of installers in the region. Choi explained, “We have the Multi V academy in Jebel Ali, and continuously we will educate the engineers, but [the focus] is not just on education; the main purpose is to create, improve and increase customer value as [we look towards] product innovation for a better life.”

Hannah Jo Uy is Features Writer at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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