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‘European, US environmental design criteria have infiltrated the GCC region’

Vice President of ACME Engineering cites trends leading to uptake in demand for environmentally friendly measuring equipment

| | Mar 5, 2018 | 10:30 am
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Dubai, UAE, 5 March 2018: There has been an uptake in the adoption of, and investment towards, environmentally friendly technologies in the GCC region and in the UAE, in particular, said Robert Presser, Vice President, ACME Engineering, a Canada-based manufacturing company of environmental control products for cooling water applications and indoor gas detection. “I think that the environmental design criteria of Europe and the United States have infiltrated the GCC region,” Presser said. “In other words, specifications that are coming out are much more environmentally friendly,” he added.

The second trend driving this demand, Presser said, is growing consciousness towards sustainability. “You cannot have rapid development in this market using traditional building technologies and their high level of energy and material consumption of non-renewables – it’s not sustainable,” he said.

Leaders, Presser emphasised, recognise that it is vital to have a green sustainability policy for their own development, citing Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s proactive efforts to diversify their economy. “You have the major carbon producers changing the nature of their economies,” he said, “and their buildings are going to reflect that.”

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