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Chillventa Award celebrates second year

Organisers invite applications; say jury will consider how project stakeholders work together

| | Mar 6, 2018 | 3:33 pm
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Nuremberg, Germany, 6 March 2018: Event organiser NürnbergMesse and publishing house Bauverlag will present this year’s Chillventa Award at an official ceremony on October 16, 2018, the organisers said in a Press communiqué.

According to Chillventa, the Award, instituted in 2016, recognises unique projects by teams of experts in four categories – commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. The winners in each category will be honoured during Chillventa, which will be held from October 16 to 18, the communiqué said.

The communiqué said that the jury – in keeping with the Chillventa motto “Connecting Experts” – will consider, in particular, how project stakeholders work together, from conceptual formulation, planning and system engineering to operation of the system. In any project submitted for an Award, the quality achieved through partnership-driven design must be transparent and documented, the communiqué further said.

The communiqué said the Chillventa Award jury consists of a panel of experts:

  • Christoph Brauneis, senior editor, KKA and tab magazines
  • Professor Michael Deichsel, Georg Simon Ohm Technical University
  • Rolf Harig, Harig GmbH
  • Dr Rainer Jakobs, IZW Information Centre for Heat Pumps and Refrigeration
  • Dr -Ing. Ulrich Pfeiffenberger, University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen, FGK Association for Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Buildings
  • Bertold Brackemeier, Senior Manager Public Relations, NürnbergMesse

According to Chillventa, clients/operators, designers/planners and system engineers, as individuals or in consortia, with an office located in a European country, are eligible to apply for the Award. Manufacturers of components and systems from industrial or commercial enterprises are not eligible. However, eligible entrants may receive support with their submission from industrial and commercial enterprises.

For more information about the Chillventa Award, please see: https://www.chillventa.de/en/exhibition-info/award


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