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AIRA HCV units installed in Post-Entry Quarantine site in Melbourne, Australia

Diverse needs of flora and fauna on one quarantine site have been met, Seeley International says

| | Mar 13, 2018 | 4:15 pm
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Lonsdale, Australia, 13 March 2018: Seeley International announced that the company’s AIRA HCV (heating, cooling and ventilation) units have been chosen to heat and cool the dog and cat buildings, along with the greenhouse space, at Melbourne’s new post-entry quarantine site, in a Press communiqué.

According to Seeley International, the mechanical service requirements at the new post-entry quarantine facility were very challenging, due to the diverse accommodation of all flora and fauna on one quarantine site.

Within the corridors of both dog and cat buildings, AIRA HCV units are installed to supply tempered air during winter and provide cooling in summer, the communiqué said.

The large amounts of fresh air delivered by these units allow the corridors to maintain a relative positive pressure, thereby keeping animal odours to a minimum in the human work spaces, the communiqué further said.

According to Seeley International, the greenhouse covers approximately 3,140 square metres in area and about 50% of this space is fitted with AIRA HCV units, due to the wider internal temperature range. The company added that a total of 36 AIRA HCV units were installed in this facility.

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