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Air sampling systems essential for fire safety

Solution can detect minimum smoke content in the air, says industry insider

| | Mar 11, 2018 | 4:00 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 11 March 2018:  Keeping in mind the high risk of fires in facilities like chiller rooms, server rooms, operation theatres and heavy industry units, there is a need for going beyond conventional fire protection systems, said Rakesh Nair, Sales Representative, Edge Technical Solutions.

Commenting on available advanced fire safety solutions, Nair said: “In conventional smoke detection systems, it is only when the smoke amount reaches a certain level [that] the alarms will go off. But in an aspirating smoke detection system, such as the solution offered by Elotec, which is considered an early-smoke detection system, the air is constantly sampled for any level of smoke content.”

Nair added that even with a minuscule amount of smoke, including invisible fire gases, the system would set off the fire alarms, and prevent any fire incident from escalating.


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