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ABB launches digitalised remote service centre in Dubai

Service can save up to 30% of energy in VSDs, says official

| | Mar 15, 2018 | 4:16 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 15 March 2018: ABB, the Zurich-based engineering company, has launched a digitalised remote service centre, in Dubai, for effective monitoring of variable speed drives (VSDs), said Aki Maenpaa, Vice President Service Manager, UAE, Gulf and Near East, ABB United Arab Emirates.

Explaining the dynamics of the service, Maenpaa said: “In early March, we launched the centre for digitalisation services, where we can remote control our VSDs that are installed in different locations, anywhere in the world. With this support service, the drives can typically save 30% energy. The service can be customised for equipment of other manufacturers.”

Maenpaa elaborated that the service is a shift from traditional maintenance strategies by bringing the focus on predictive maintenance, which is the ability to predict when the drives will need maintenance. “This is a strategic change from various industries and it would improve productivity, uptime and quality,” he said.

Maenpaa added that District Cooling plants in the GCC region could also benefit from this service, because it would not only increase the reliability of the chillers but would also enhance the efficiency of the fans and it has already been successful in the United States.

Maenpaa further added that in Dubai, ABB has currently launched the service for monitoring of the chillers installed in the Mall of the Emirates.




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