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RGF Environmental Group launches two IAQ products

Company official says products use bi-polar ionisation process to reduce airborne particulate matter

| | Feb 20, 2018 | 3:10 pm
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Riviera Beach, Florida, USA, 20 February 2018: RGF Environmental Group recently launched two indoor air quality (IAQ) products for the HVAC industry, said Astrid von Oetinger, International Sales Coordinator, RGF Environmental Group.

Speaking on the occasion, Oetinger said: “Clear Sky DM and Clear Sky MS are designed as low-cost, self-cleaning, maintenance-free treatment options for air treatment. The DM model is designed for in-duct installation, and the MS model is designed to be integrated with a mini-split system.”

Explaining the features of the system, Oteinger said, the Clear Sky is an entry level IAQ product, which uses bi-polar ionisation to reduce airborne particulate matter in the conditioned space. The products produce high concentrations of both positive and negative ions that will reduce bacteria, mould and particulates in the conditioned space.”

Elaborating on the dynamics of the products, Oteinger said that the bipolar ioniser sends out ions into the air conditioned space, and when the ions come in contact with particulate matter or airborne contaminants, they release their positive and negative charges, which makes the particles clump together, creating larger particulate matter, which either fall out of the air or can be easily captured by existing filters.

This process, she said, reduces the presence of respirable and fine suspended particles, PM 2.5 and PM 10, from the air, so that the occupants do not breathe in these particles.

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