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ME could benefit through greater emphasis on water treatment, says Tresch

Company official says awareness a main bottleneck in wider acceptance of such practice

| | Feb 22, 2018 | 12:00 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 22 February 2018: The Middle East could benefit from optimising its scarce water resources through proper treatment. This was the view Yoan Gosselin, Area Sales Manager, Tresch, shared, when he spoke of the potential of such solutions in the Middle East. Water in the region, he said, can be very concentrated in ions, and implementing water-treatment measures could help extend the lifecycle of equipment. The problem Tresch faces is the lack of awareness of such solutions, he further said.

Speaking from experience, Gosselin said that many people in the water management industry are not aware of the value water treatment can have on equipment, and that most people in the industry are content with simply repairing destroyed equipment. “They think this is normal,” he said. “They do not know how much they can improve in terms of safety, to avoid legionella and bacteria, or how much they can improve their efficiency in terms of water consumption in production.”

Gosselin said there is a general lack of will towards such measures and that the onus lies on the management to explore such measures and change long-held habits, as employees are not in the position, and do not have the willingness, to innovate beyond their job specifications.

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