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Lu-Ve Group introduces new series of condensers

Company also presents what is describes as an intelligent defrosting apparatus; innovations, it says, are a result of collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan

| | Feb 8, 2018 | 8:30 am
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The Lu-Ve Group recently introduced a new series of condensers and a new intelligent defrosting apparatus to the market. Fabio Liberali, Chief Communications Officer, Lu-Ve said. The innovations represent a fruitful cooperation between the company and Politecnico di Milano (the Polytechnic University of Milan), which the group has worked with since 1986, he added.

Elaborating on the new series of condensers, Liberali said Emeritus (the name of the series), which is available for Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), NH3, Propane and CO2, “brings together the benefits of spray systems and adiabatic pre-cooling, all assisted by an advanced control system”. The features, he said, make the product suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration, adding that when Emeritus is applied to CO2 gas coolers, “high system COP can be reached even during the hottest hours of the year, extending the geographical limits, where trans-critical systems can be cost-effectively constructed (the ‘CO2 equator’)”.

Speaking on Nidea, the intelligent defrosting apparatus, Liberali said the product was conceived to avoid the waste of energy involved in the electrical defrosting of unit coolers, emphasising that the product decreases defrost energy consumption, compressor energy consumption and level of heat dissipated in the cold room while increasing coefficient of performance (COP). “Nidea is the intelligent response to the waste involved in the traditional way of periodic and constant defrosting based on the logic of precaution,” he said. “In a traditional system, the cycle is, in fact, activated independently of the real need for defrosting and this means wasting energy.”

Liberali said Nidea has two temperature sensors, which determine when the defrost cycle has ended and that its sensors calculate and record the parameters to establish the optimal start and duration of defrosting. The product, he said, is adaptable and has a self-calibrating system to automatically change parameters and set points in accordance with the working conditions of the moment, adding that the product provides significant energy savings when compared to traditional defrosting of four defrosts a day.

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