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UAE is driving District Cooling to a completely different level, says DSI

Drake & Scull official believes cooling solution is a vital cog in achieving energy savings

| | Jan 11, 2018 | 10:30 am
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The UAE is driving District Cooling to a completely different level. So said Sameer Daoud, Chief Development Officer and Managing Director (KSA), Drake & Scull. Daoud, in an exclusive interview with Climate Control Middle East, was comparing the cooling solution’s penetration in the country compared to other nations in the Middle East. “[The UAE] is driving District Cooling right and left,” he said. Daoud added that this is a positive move, as he believes District Cooling is a key aspect for the country to achieve energy savings and be more efficient with its consumption.

“Most of the time, if not all the time, if this is not governed or pushed by the government and local authorities, it might not reach the level that we want it to achieve,” Daoud said. “Thankfully, in the UAE and in Dubai, in particular, this has been a massive issue, and people are looking forward to achieving it.”

Daoud said that while there are a large number of District Cooling opportunities coming up, stakeholders must also pay heed to the demands of end-users. “I think the end-user is concerned about two things,” he said. “They are concerned about having the right quality but, at the same time, at the right cost, as well.” Daoud stressed that as long as the industry makes sure that people are getting value for money, the efforts driving District Cooling will be much appreciated. “It [District Cooling] is not an option anymore,” he pointed out. “I think it is a must, and people are driving towards that aspect. It’s a way to go, in my opinion.”

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