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NIA celebrates “a million air conditioners in sales in 2017”

Company throws a party for also being recognised as the largest distributor of Gree air conditioners in the world

| | Jan 28, 2018 | 1:04 pm
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NIA on January 4 celebrated what it described as twin achievements of over a million air conditioners in sales in 2017 and of being recognised as the largest distributor of Gree air conditioners in the world, at a ceremony, titled ‘NIA Millionaire’, in Dubai.

Speaking on the occasion, Zakir Ahmed, Managing Director, NIA Limited, said 2017 had been the most exciting year yet in the company’s 50-year history. He also expressed pride in being associated with Gree, which he described as the largest centrifugal supplier in the world, with its profile of customers including nuclear plants in China. Highlighting the quality of the company’s products, he said that Gree guarantees a 99-year lifetime and offers a 30-year warranty to the nuclear plants.

Speaking of NIA’s provisions for its clients, Ahmed said the company offers premium service and extended warranty. “We ensure reseller margins and protect channel health,” he said. “We are the only company in the UAE to offer five-year warranty on compressors and other parts and five-year service.”

Ahmed spoke of three internal benchmarks that underpin the company’s ability to deliver on its promise of a five-year warranty. He enumerated them as ‘1-1-1 service’, ‘D-O-A policy’ and ‘800-NIACARE’.

Ahmed said other factors equally ensure NIA is able to offer premium service to customers, including an infrastructure framework that includes a 10,000-square-metre logistical centre, in Dubai, which allows the company to deliver air conditioning units anywhere in the UAE in 24 hours. Ahmed also spoke of how the company follows a Unified Recommended Retail Price (RRP), including VAT for both IR and OR channels. “We also have 100% compliance of ESMA,” he said, “with absolute certification and also focus on high-efficiency inverter and piston compressor.”

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