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Expectations need to be managed in using software for building projects, says CCS

‘If you put garbage in, you get modified garbage out,’ says company’s GM

| | Jan 11, 2018 | 10:14 am
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Construction Computer Software (CCS) said that while the market is welcoming of technological solutions for contractors, expectations need to be managed. Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager, speaking to Climate Control Middle East on the matter, said: “They think, ‘If I install the software on my computer it’s going to solve all my problems’. However, if you put garbage in you’re going to get modified garbage out. It’s a tool. It has all the facilities to do what you need [it] to do, but you need to give it proper information and data.”

Hauptfleisch stressed that it is crucial for contractors to look at both sides of the scale. “You have the budget side and you have the cost side,” Hauptfleisch said, “and you’re continuously comparing. [It’s for] a contractor to see [and ask], am I within budget? Overspending? Underspending? Why and where?”

CCS, he said, offers Candy with this need in mind, as it is specifically for estimation and project control from a contractors’ point of view, adding that the company also offers a cost and accounting management tool. Hauptfleisch said that the company’s solutions are currently used by 250 small-, medium- and large-scale contractors in the Middle East, while its biggest market is the UAE.

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