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ENGIE announces tie-up with Partnering Robotics to offer smart IEQ solutions in GCC region

Mobile robot is fitted with neuro-inspired artificial intelligence, says inventor

| | Jan 31, 2018 | 8:50 am
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ENGIE has partnered with France-headquartered Partnering Robotics to offer indoor environmental quality (IEQ) solutions in the GCC region, using robotic technology and artificial intelligence, said Hélène Verbockhaven, Deputy Director, ENGIE digital, ENGIE

The partnership was announced on January 16, 2018, on the sidelines of the World Future Energy Summit, in Abu Dhabi.

Explaining the science behind the robot, Dr Ramesh Caussy, CEO and Founder, Partnering Robotics, and the inventor of the robot, said: “Considering that IEQ is a critical issue, I decided to invent Diya One, a mobile robot fitted with neuro-inspired artificial intelligence, to not only share maintenance data it receives on the quality of air, but also purify it and help to improve the performance of the people. The data is stored in a secured cloud.”

Highlighting other features of the robot, Dr Caussy added that on detection of polluted air, the robot sucks in the air, purifies it through H13+filters and emits it into the room. He further added that the robot could remove 99.95% of the air pollutants, bacteria, viruses and odours, without the use of chemicals.

The robot, he said, is also able to self-evaluate its battery life and can decide to get back to its dedicated charging dock when needed.

Speaking on the occasion of the partnership, Hélène Verbockhaven, Deputy Director, ENGIE digital, ENGIE, said: “Digitalisation is a race, and offering smart solutions such as Diya 1 has become the need of the hour. Through this partnership, we hope to reach out to our client base with this innovation.”

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