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Danfoss joins Eurovent Middle East

Company representative expresses interest in wanting to contribute towards the development of the region’s standards

| | Jan 14, 2018 | 8:59 am
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Dubai, UAE, 14 January 2018: Danfoss on January 10 joined Eurovent Middle East, highlighting the sector association’s growing recognition throughout the region, Eurovent said through a Press communiqué. Danfoss covers a wide range of applications within the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector, offering solutions for the entire system, the communiqué said.

Danfoss was founded in 1933 by Mads Clausen in Nordborg, Denmark. Ever since, it has been growing from a sole enterprise into a global market leader, all of which was made possible by a clear focus on innovative engineering and early entry into emerging markets, the communiqué added. Early milestones of the company included the development of its first expansion valve for refrigeration systems in 1933 and the invention of the first radiator thermostat in the world in 1943, the communiqué further added. According to Eurovent, Danfoss was also the first company to mass-produce variable speed drives for controlling motors in 1968. Today, the company has strongly positioned itself to take advantage of the growth potential held by a digital future, the communiqué said.

Naveen Sivakumar, Head of Marketing, Danfoss Middle East and Africa, said: “We have followed the establishment of Eurovent Middle East with keen interest this year and noted their excellent work. As a leading manufacturer, Danfoss has always taken its responsibility towards society very seriously. Together with Eurovent Middle East, we want to contribute towards the development of the region’s standards and work with other members on education and awareness of the many challenges this industry will face in the transition to more sustainability.”

According to the communiqué, in the GCC region, Danfoss employs around 250 people, operates one factory and has dedicated sales companies in three countries.

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