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In this, the second part of our coverage of The Big 5 Dubai 2017, which ran from November 26 to 29,2017, we present to you more profiles of companies that participated in the mega exhibition…

| | Jan 9, 2018 | 10:43 am
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Comisa Group
Comisa Group presented its pipe and press fittings during its participation in The Big 5 Dubai. The company showcased its standard range of products to the Middle East market, and leveraged the manufacturing quality associated with Italy-based companies, which Alessandra Varlese, Export Manager, said are in compliance with high standards specified in Europe.

Saudi-based DMC highlighted its thermal insulation systems at the Big 5. Arun Kuppathil, Sales Director, said that though the company was known for manufacturing premix materials, such as plaster, the decision to focus on thermal insulation was owing to new standards related to energy conservation across the GCC region, especially in Saudi Arabia, as part of Saudi Vision 2030. The Vision document, he said, has led to an increase in demand for buildings with insulation. DMC, Kuppathil said, has a strong portfolio in Saudi and is looking to branch out to other parts of the region through partners.

S-5!’s participation was timely, owing The Big 5’s emphasis on solar energy. Dustin Haddock, Vice President of Research and Development, said the show provided a platform for the company to exhibit its ability to install and attach solar panels to metal roofs, with no holes or penetration. “We always say that racking components are the backbone of the solar industry,” he said. “The backbone holds the body together, the racking components hold the solar industry together, and it’s often overlooked in terms of cost labour savings. What we do is we marry all those things together, so we have a system that will last as long as the roof will last.”

Kuwait-based Coolex introduced its air-handling units, packaged units and complete range of air conditioning equipment to the UAE market as part of its participation in The Big 5. Edmundo Gabriel, R&D Manager, said that despite the fact that Coolex has cultivated local distributors that are working with consultants, it is looking to strengthen its position locally. Gabriel emphasised that GCC-based manufacturers have a deeper understanding of T3 conditions and, as such, are able to efficiently design units to serve the regional market, giving then an advantage over European manufacturers.

SFA Group
The French company made use of The Big 5 to shine a light on its air conditioning pumps and boiler pumps. “Air conditioning pumps have been produced, manufactured and sold in Europe for 20-30 years,” said Ella Klubnichkina, Sales Director. “But for the Middle East, it’s quite a unique solution. So far, very few know what a pump air conditioning stands for, what it should be used for, where and so on. So that’s our main target right now – to create awareness and that there is a solution.”

General Gas
Ilaria Rachele Di Luca, Export Sales Assistant, General Gas, said that 2017 was a great year for the company in terms of global sales, owing to high refrigerant demand all over the world, in response to increasingly stringent regulations. This, she said, drove the company to innovate while striking a balance between managing demand and complying with regulation. Based in Italy, the company, Di Luca said, is looking to penetrate the Middle East market and, in that context, characterised The Big 5 as a vital link to the Arab world.

During its participation at The Big 5, GForce introduced its air filtration system, with a special focus on its GRD separator for building ventilation, specially designed to counter the infiltration of sand and dust. Jackie Chen, Sales Manager, said that despite the fact that the Shanghai, China-based company has a wide range of products in HVACR, the decision to present the separator was taken keeping in mind the ambient conditions and the frequent occurrence of sand storms in the region.

Rapid Cool Group of Companies
Jeevan Prakash, Senior Sales Engineer, Ventilation, Rapid Cool Group of Companies, spoke about the Sodeca range of new fire-rated basement extract fans and its new design for roof-mounted fans. Rapid Cool distributes Sodeca’s products, which are manufactured in Spain. Touching on the product features, Prakash said, the fans come with built-in damper. When the fan is running, the air goes out, but no water droplets or dust particles will go inside, ensuring there is protection, he added. The fans, he further added, have approval from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Civil Defence. Despite the presence of competitors, Prakash said, the company is not concerned about the price, as its main objective, he added, is to ensure quality. As such, the company, he further added, is prepared to give a lengthier warranty period. 

SAFID Engineered Air Solutions
SAFID highlighted its range of accessories at The Big 5. Lamis Jawhari, Operations In-Charge, said that though the company is known for its range of spiral and rectangular ducts, the company chose to focus on its VAVs, VCDs, louvres, and combination fire and smoke dampers to address increasingly stringent legislation related to fire and life safety in the regional market. “In Dubai, they take their precautions for fire very seriously,” she said. “Now, you feel there is a huge focus on fire prevention, so we have highlighted a lot of fire and smoke dampers and louvres, our outlets and our accessories. We even have a VCD panel to demonstrate how it operates.”

Haier showcased its commercial air conditioning equipment, including split air conditioners, MRV technology, chillers, and solar water heaters at the show. Lu Haitao, Commercial AC Product Director, Middle East and Africa, speaking on the MRV, said it has a long history and strong market share in China. Haier relatively recently introduced the new-generation MRV5, which has wireless communication, among other features. Elaborating on the zone-control feature of the MRV system, Haitao said it provides energy-efficiency benefits, when compared to chillers, though in some applications, particularly for developments that require a large capacity in one space, chillers do have advantages.

Haitao said the MRV market in the UAE has scope for improvement, considering that chillers still have more than half of the market share, owing to the long history of American brands in the region. Haitao said he believed the success of the MRV technology in China could be replicated in the UAE. In recognition of the possibility of replicating the China showing, Haitao said, Haier is looking to develop products suitable for the region’s high-ambient conditions.

Makro Teknik
Makro Teknik showcased its long history in the development of HVACR flanges, ducts and accessories at The Big 5. Nurettin Ozdemir, General Manager, said the company enjoys a large market share in Turkey and is distributing its products across Europe and Africa. Approximately 50% of the company’s sales turn over, Ozdemir said, comes from the international market, while the other 50% comes from Turkey. In the Gulf region, Ozdemir added, there is a misuse of products and instances of over-specifying. As such, he urged manufacturers to apply expertise in providing suitable solutions for the specific needs of projects. The strategic location of Turkey, Ozdemir said, provides a competitive advantage in terms of logistics, as the company aims to further reinforce its presence in the UAE. He added there is expectation that the upcoming Expo 2020, in Dubai, is set to increase demand.

Basi Control
China-based Basi Control showcased its BTU meters in the UAE market through its participation in The Big 5. Sara Huang, Sales Manager, said the company has a long history in China, and is looking to replicate its success in the Arab market.

Techserve placed the spotlight on its Prokilma air-handling units during The Big 5. Shreehari Narayanan, Product Manager, spoke about the AHUs as well as the company’s other range of products, which he said, carry American as well as European certifications. For the AHUs, Narayanan said, the company is focussing on energy-efficient solutions, in terms of fans, and on optimising the unit to reduce consumption. “Even the coil manufactures have come a long way in terms of reducing the cooling requirement,” he said. “They are able to achieve more with smaller coils, thereby reducing cost and amount of water required to cool.” 

Munters spotlighted its desiccant dehumidifiers and introduced its EC fan-upgrade for retrofit jobs during its participation in The Big 5. Zeidan Al Jamal, Sales Manager, said the need to rationalise energy use is of increasing concern among regional stakeholders. Munters, he said, is looking to address the need. Providing an example of Munters’ contribution to energy savings, Al Jamal spoke of how the company participated in the upgrade of AHUs at Heathrow in the United Kingdom. “The nice thing is that we are saving 30-50% energy,” he said. “And the ROI is less than two years.”

China-based manufacturer, Weiguang showcased its axial fans for air conditioning and its shaded pull motors. The company’s representative, Yang said that Weiguang endeavours to meet the demand for energy-saving products. He pointed to the company’s EC motors and fans, as examples. The products, he said, have gained a strong market share in Europe, Asia and North America. The Middle East, he said, is also a good market, which the company sees as having strong potential.

Sire came to The Big 5 on the back of its 30-year history in manufacturing industrial chillers in Portugal. The company showcased the chillers at the show, with its Manager, Fernando Esteves emphasising that the main competitive advantages of the products are their durability and low energy consumption. The HVACR market in Portugal, he said, while comprehensive, is saturated; this trend, Esteves added, has prompted the company to explore potential business opportunities in Dubai and, by extension, the Middle East, which he said is an attractive market.

Niccons’ decision to participate in The Big 5 was largely driven by a desire to look for local partners to promote its products. The Italy-based manufacturer, said Anna Rita Caruso from the company’s Export Sales Department, is seeking to position its HVAC accessories for the local market. The company showcased its piping solution for refrigerant gases, which Caruso said, serves as an alternative to copper-based solutions in the market. The product, she said, is innovative and has generated interest, as it offers the advantages of being easier to install, greater flexible, longer life-span and flat price. The stability in price, she added, stands out, because, in comparison, the price of copper is prone to frequent changes. The product, she said, is a result of a two-year project, in cooperation with other Italian companies.

Bry-Air (India)
At the show, Bry-Air (Asia), highlighted the company’s range of energy-recovery wheels and desiccant humidifiers. Varun Pahwa, Director, said the products are built with a simple plug-and-play approach in mind, and have a starting capacity of 15-100 cubic feet per minute. The company also showcased its gas-phased filtration system, which Pahwa said, cleans the air from different gases, like nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Further, Bry-Air displayed its range of adsorption chillers, which work on low-grade waste heat.

Instad Pre Fabrication
Singapore-based Instad Pre Fabrication showcased its pre-fabricated ducts at The Big 5. K H Chan, Chairman and Managing Director, said that the ducts are built under the E3 banner, which stands for eco-friendly, efficient and easy to install. The product, he said, has received a green certification from the Government of Singapore, owing to its non-toxic nature, fire-resistant quality and adherence to the use of environmentally friendly materials during the manufacturing process. He added that 80% of the product is manufactured at the factory and 20% is finalised at the job site, which includes the installation.

LEEL Electricals
For India-based LEEL Electricals, The Big 5 presented an opportunity to showcase its split air conditioner units, manufactured with T3 conditions in mind, said Brinder Singh Chadha, DGM – International Business Development. The products showcased at the show, he said, are designed to meet temperature requirements as high as 60 degrees C.

DuctSox showcased its ductwork products made from partially recycled fabric materials. Marwa K Alyan, Marketing Manager, DuctSox (MENA), said the product is 100% anti-microbial, fire retardant, lightweight, easy to clean, durable and can save up to 24% of power. Alyan added that the benefit of the fabric material ducts is that the air can be equally distributed to areas that would not be possible to reach with conventional metal ducts.

Finpower (Maxell Group)
Rajesh Shenoy, Managing Director, said the company used the show to spotlight its new range of ecology units, specifically designed for the hospitality industry and built with a robust filtration system. The company also spotlighted its fresh air-handling units, energy-recovery units, and air-handling units built with EC motors and certified by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association).

The Netherlands-based Oxycom displayed its two-stage evaporative cooling system, Intercool. Sharing details of the product, Alexander Banz, Chairman, Oxycom’s Advisory Board, said its main characteristic was to evaporate water and cool the air. With such a technology, he added, temperatures as high as 46 degrees C could be brought down to 26 degrees C. The technology, he further added, could be used in open and semi-open spaces, especially in industrial areas, thus enabling workers to carry out their tasks in a comfortable environment. Banz claimed that compared to conventional air conditioning systems, Intercool saves up to 90% of energy in a building.

Hira Industries
For Hira Industries, The Big 5 was about showcasing products with innovation as their hallmark, said Ravi Wadhwani, General Manager, Hira Walraven AC Industry. Pointing to a model car built using most of the company’s products, he pointed out to each part of the vehicle. “A heavy-duty channel was used for the base,” Wadhwani said. “Ventilation fans were used as the wheels, and the tyres were made of our rubber products. The front and rear bumpers were made of our wall guards, and the spring hangers give a very good show for the suspension. The bonnet and boot are fitted with insulation covers, and the side doors and engine are made of insulation material.”

Sri Ram C M P, Director, said his company used The Big 5 to exhibit its ability to respond to market demands through launching a series of products, such as low-noise fan- coil units, which he added, have a highly efficient filtration profile. The company also displayed its insulation materials, duct systems and fire-rated doors.

 Gulf Engineering System Solutions (GESS)
At the show, GESS showcased, in particular, its energy-recovery ventilator and heat-recovery wheel solutions. “Indoor air quality is our focus,” said Sanjiv Sachdeva, Managing Director. “Our products not only boost energy efficiency but also provide fresh air into the systems.” The company also spotlighted its direct and indirect evaporative cooling solutions.

AFPRO Filters
The Netherlands-based AFPRO Filters showcased its new range of glass-fibre air filters. Sara Mokhtari, a representative of the company’s Export Sales Division, said the filters are designed to trap particulate matter of one micron and smaller. She added that the products are ISO 16890- and Eurovent-certified.

GlobeOwl displayed an environmental monitoring solution, which combines gas detection and the Internet of Things. Robert Presser, who represented the company at the show, said multiple gases like CO2 could be detected with the device. The solution, he said, includes a monitoring wireless unit that is connected to a cloud-based platform and provides data on a smart device or computer to address issues effectively.

Robert Elvidge, Regional Sales Director (EMEA), said the company’s focus is on supporting the construction sector by creating a synergy between site-productivity and site-collaboration with its solution, PlanGrid. The solution, he said, extracts 2D drawings from software packages like BIM and shares them on an app, which can be accessed by contractors and other site personnel. He added that the key purpose of the solution is to ensure that every stakeholder is on the same page of the project. If there are any changes to the drawings, he said, the latest versions could be pushed out quickly through the app. He further said that contractors could use the tool to effectively control issues like variations, owing to the easy access of the drawings.

Focus Air Conditioning Industries
Focus Air Conditioning Industries displayed its new range of HVAC accessories, including its air outlet and variable aero louvres. The company also showcased its range of pipe hangers, air diffusers, dampers and variable-air-volume terminals. Prathyush Bhasi, Senior Sales Engineer, said the company displayed its Craflex flexible ducts, vibration isolators and duct connectors.

Rubberworld Industries
Rubberworld showcased its insulation products, designed for Green Buildings. Muzamil Shaikhani, Managing Director, said the products have a positive effect on the HVAC system, improve energy efficiency and conform to the energy vision of the UAE.

Jari K Varghese, Sales & Marketing Manager, CMS Group of Companies (DuroDyne’s Master Distributor for MENA & India), said that, in addition to stickpins, adhesives and damper cards, DuroDyne showcased the recently launched FPP4, an insulation-fastening machine, which enhances the capabilities of a compact pin spotter.

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