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Yushi Group eyes UAE market

Official says Taiwanese company is looking to reinforce its position in the GCC region; emphasises energy-efficient and fire-resistant properties of glass products

| | Dec 5, 2017 | 10:00 am
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Yushi Group, a Taiwan-based company, has announced it is proactively moving to enter the UAE market. Johnny Ku, Director of Marketing Department, spoke of the company’s expansion into the GCC region, highlighting the energy-efficient and fire-resistant properties of Yushi’s glass products. “We have no presence yet here in the GCC region,” he said, “and it’s our first time in Dubai, but we are expecting to visit here more, and we are looking to have a distributor here.”

Ku said he believes there will be a strong market for Yushi’s glass products in the region, owing to the fact that it offers “better conduction, insulation as well as solar heat resistance”. Besides, he said, it offers design flexibility to architects as, he said, the company offers customised solutions.

Ku said Yushi has already established a presence in a large number of countries, with projects spanning across Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and the United States. “We are currently fabricating a high-rise in Macau,” he said. Ku stressed that the products are especially ideal for retrofit projects, especially in Taiwan with the rising demand prompting Yushi to establish a division dedicated to providing retrofit solutions.

With regard to the company’s strategy for the GCC region, Ku said that education is a key aspect and that Yushi aims to apply the same approach it has followed in Taiwan of actively promoting awareness among contractors and consultants of the product range and its benefits.

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