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WEG expands CFW500 variable-speed drive series

Says initiative will usher in further energy efficiency to high-power applications

| | Dec 4, 2017 | 2:36 pm
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WEG, which manufactures motor and drive technologies, has expanded its CFW500 series of variable-speed drives (VSDs) to enable users in a wide range of high-power applications to achieve further energy efficiency, the company said through a Press communiqué. The new E frame size for the rated power range of 18.5 kW – 22 kW is a great fit for applications such as mechanical engineering systems for conveying, turning, hoisting, pumping and ventilation, the company added.

“In light of EN 50598, the new standard looking at Ecodesign for power-driven systems and their applications, an integrated approach to electrical drive technology is becoming more widespread, and VSDs are particularly sought after across broader sections of the industrial market,” said Johannes Schwenger, Head of Product Management, Low- and Medium-voltage Drive Systems (Europe), WEG. “As a leading manufacturer of electric motors, drives and automation components, we can supply optimally matched motor and VSD packages that help boost energy efficiency and offer outstanding value for money.”

With a plug-and-play user-friendly design, WEG said, the CFW500 VSDs feature an integrated micro PLC with pre-programmed macros for positioning, timing and acceleration functions. They can be programmed locally with the convenient LCD display or externally with a computer over a variety of interfaces, including CRS232, USB and CRS485, WEG added. Users also can download the corresponding SuperDrive G2 programming software from the WEG website free of charge, WEG further added.

According to WEG, the VSDs are designed for fast installation and easy operation. The numerous plug-and-play modules, the company said, are ideal for distributed automation architectures and can easily be connected to all common fieldbuses, including Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, CANopen and Modbus RTU. Individual adaptations to specific customer requirements, the company added, can also be easily implemented, thanks to additional plug-in extension modules.

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