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Protecting HVAC equipment from causing fires a critical challenge

Saying this, Dipak M Bhadra of Leminar suggests that system should comply with stability, integrity and insulation resistance against the fire

| | Dec 4, 2017 | 11:45 am
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One of the critical challenges to maintain fire safety in buildings is to protect the HVAC equipment from causing fires, said Dipak M Bhadra, General Manager, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries.

Highlighting some recommended solutions, Bhadra said: “From an HVAC perspective, the building must be equipped with certified and test fire-rated duct systems, including a smoke extractor, staircase pressurisation system and a lobby-extract system.

“This system should comply with stability, integrity and insulation resistance against the fire, and it should be tested as per the BS-476: Part 24 standard set by manufacturers. Additionally, manufacturers must have a valid third-party certification.”

Bhadra added that the installation contractor must strictly comply with all the guidelines specified for the installation of the fire-rated duct. Other practices would include the use of non-toxic and fire-safe insulation materials over the ducts to protect occupants from the generation of toxic smoke as well as prevention of the spread of fire from insulation material.

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