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PDDC launches District Cooling system in the Philippines

Project, a joint venture of Engie and Filinvest Land, signals greater deployment of system across the country, says Engie

| | Dec 4, 2017 | 1:35 pm
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Philippine DCS Development Corporation (PDDC) has announced the launch of operations of its first District Cooling System (DCS) in the country, which is a joint venture between Engie and Filinvest Land. Pierre Cheyron, CEO, ENGIE Services Asia-Pacific, spoke exclusively with Climate Control Middle East regarding the project. “We believe that this first project in the Philippines will trigger a much greater deployment of District Cooling Systems in the nation,” he said. “Primarily in dense areas with high cooling needs, such as airports, business parks, commercial buildings, shopping and entertainment complexes.”

The 10,000 tonnes of refrigeration (TR) plant, located in Northgate Cyberzone, Engie said, is set to cool existing and future office buildings within the 18.7-hectare IT park and has a cooling capacity of 42.2 megawatts that caters to 15 buildings through a 3.4-kilometre-long underground distribution network of steel pipes.

“ENGIE is committed to the Philippines’ sustainable economic growth through contributing its expertise in clean and renewable energy to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuel, reduce energy-related environmental impact and save energy through energy efficiency projects,” Cheyron said.

According to Engie, PDDC is looking at other Filinvest projects, where District Cooling systems can be utilised.

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