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Misgivings related to sharing information is a bottleneck, says CCS

Construction software company says sensitive information needed ‘to make the job a success’

| | Dec 4, 2017 | 11:20 am
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The misgivings of stakeholders in the construction industry to share information is proving to be a bottleneck in the optimisation of data for more efficient project delivery. This was the observation Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager, Construction Computer Software (CCS), shared with Climate Control Middle East, adding that much of the culture in the Middle East dictates that the estimate belongs only to the estimator, noting that there is a general reluctance to share relevant information with the team actually delivering the project. “From there, you already have a breakdown of data and information,” he said. “I’m not sure if it’s a security thing and people are worried about their information getting leaked out to the market, but it’s a bit of catch-22, because they need that information to make the job a success.”

Hauptfleisch said that as a technology solutions provider CCS does recognise that the market is small and that, as such, information related to projects can be quite sensitive. He emphasised, however, that similarly it is these types of key data that can help streamline the completion of a project.

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