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Scandinavian Cooling Systems introduces portable ammonia chillers to the UAE

Managing Director says easy commissioning and plug-and-play feature make them particularly attractive to the Middle East market

| | Nov 16, 2017 | 10:30 pm
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Scandinavian Cooling Systems has introduced portable ammonia chillers to the UAE market. Lars-Olof Johansson, Managing Director, elaborated on the concept saying that they are prefabricated machine rooms built in a factory in Sweden to reduce installation time as well as to ensure fixed cost, delivery and quality. “It makes the commissioning easier,” he said. “It’s pretty much plug-and-play. The option of these portable chillers to be brought across any premises makes it particularly attractive to the Middle East.” 

This, he said, is largely owing to the unique business systems in the region that vastly differ from those in Europe. “In Dubai, unlike in Europe, some clients are renting not owning,” Johansson said. “They rent warehouses or offices. They can move somewhere else. So, they want to take as much as possible with them. This is very easy to install, very easy to lift up and take somewhere – it’s like moving a caravan. I didn’t know that the psychological side of the concept, the fact that you can own it and bring it with you somewhere else, would have such a strong impact.” Johansson spoke against the backdrop of having just received two containerised ammonia chillers from Sweden, which are set to be operational in JAFZA South. 

Going deep into the topic of customer psychology in discussing the issue of transparency, he emphasised that though price is always an issue among consumers, ensuring transparency though various means will also have a veritable impact in their decision-making. As an example, Johansson said, the company gives customers the option of monitoring production on a daily basis by giving access to live cameras feeds, so they can track the quality and development of the product as it is being made. 

The 40-feet container, he explained, takes about 10-11 weeks in production, while the shipping time from Sweden to Dubai takes approximately three and a half weeks. Installation, he said, can be made in a short period of time, with a week for the connection of power and the piping system, as well as the commissioning. Johansson said pre-testing and pre-commissioning of controls and electrical systems are conducted in the factory in Sweden before the chillers are shipped. “When the system arrives,” he said, “we just connect the electrical power and turn on the breaker.”

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