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Leminar tests Flame Safe in Spain

Says its non-coated duct system for fire performance has successfully undergone testing and certification at Applus+ Laboratory

| | Nov 30, 2017 | 7:11 pm
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Dubai, UAE, November 30, 2017: Leminar Air Conditioning Industries has successfully tested and certified its Flame Safe non-coated duct systems for fire performance at Applus+ Laboratory in Spain, the company claimed through a Press communiqué.

According to the communiqué, Flame Safe, which is designed and developed entirely by Leminar, is a cost-effective alternative to coated-type duct system. It was introduced to the market in the early part of 2016, making Leminar the only manufacturer in the Middle East to produce coated as well as non-coated-type fire-rated ducts within the same facility, the company claimed through the communiqué.

According to Leminar, the recent test results have confirmed the product’s strict compliance with the technical specifications required by British Standard 476 part 24 (ISO 6944) that relates to a ductwork’s ability to resist the spread of fire. Flame Safe, Leminar said, meets and exceeds the stability, integrity and insulation criteria set forth under the framework. The results also validate Flame Safe’s superior quality and Leminar’s credible manufacturing practices, the company claimed through the communiqué.

The testing, Leminar said, was conducted for both Type A (fire outside) and Type B (fire inside) un-insulated and insulated ducts suitable for smoke, ventilation, car park extract, pressurisation systems and commercial kitchen extract systems.  In addition to the testing, Leminar said it has obtained certification and third-party listing with Exova Warringtonfire, UK for Flame Safe.


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