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Etihad ESCO, Dubai Carbon unveil solar panels for residential rooftops

The Hatta development project is the largest residential solar project in the region, says Etihad ESCO CEO

| | Nov 8, 2017 | 3:50 pm
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As part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the UAE Vision 2021, Etihad Energy Services (Etihad ESCO) and Dubai Carbon have unveiled rooftop solar panels for building and villa owners.

Speaking at a media round-table on October 16 in Dubai, both firms shared the case-in point of the Hatta residential project, developed under the Safaqat initiative, where 640 villas will be retrofitted with solar kits, free of cost.   

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Mohammed Al Jassim, CEO at Etihad ESCO, said: “The Hatta development project is important, because it adds value to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, and it also contributes to the UAE vision 2021. The project was split into three phases, where phase one is completed and phase two is under construction.” 

Jassim further added that the Hatta development project is the most significant residential solar project in the region and would avoid a sum of 3,129 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Ivano Iannelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon, said: “While the project is already completed, we must understand the value through a different lens, because the savings will be realised over a period of time.” 

Highlighting some of the challenges of the project, Iannelli said that it was critical to find a kit that would be relevant for everyone and creating a platform to accommodate the entire project, considering the diversity of lifestyles and backgrounds. In the case of Hatta, he added, the challenge was to determine the orientation, structure, and type of panels suited for the climatic conditions.

Iannelli added that the while the project was slated for completion for March 2018, it would be completed by December 2017. The project was funded through crowdsourcing, thus making it more economical. 

Speaking on the prospect of future projects, Iannelli said many developers in the UAE have expressed interest with Dubai Carbon to implement the use of solar in their projects and that the penetration is making strides.


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