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Tatung introduces its Smart Meters to the UAE

Official shares company’s proactive efforts to penetrate MENA market

| | Oct 29, 2017 | 8:46 am
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Tatung, a Taiwan-based company, is introducing its smart meters to the UAE. Kevin Luo, Deputy General Manager, Tatung spoke of the company’s move to enter the local market. “This is our first time to bring our products here,” he said. “We are looking to address the needs of local markets across the GCC region and even Africa.” 

Luo shared that Tatung provides comprehensive smart metering solutions to Taiwan Power Company, adding that while the company has strong presence within its country it is still in the process of looking for local distributors in the UAE. “We are trying to cooperate with local contractors that will take care of installation, operation, maintenance and after-sales,” he said. “That’s our first approach to the market.”

Luo shared that he believes there is a strong market for smart meters in the region owing to the public’s need for transparency. “The high accuracy of the smart meter is very important,” he said, “because that will ensure the precise billing of the consumption of each consumer in the residential, commercial and industrial sector.” Inaccurate logs of power consumption will radically impact the bill, he said, emphasising that smart meters allows consumers to monitor their consumption in real time and view accumulative records for each period.

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