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Nexpower introduces solar-powered Eco Smart Glass to the UAE

Company official says technology ideal for the country due to sustainability goals and year-round sunshine

| | Oct 18, 2017 | 8:00 am
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Nexpower Technology Solutions, a Taiwan-based company, is introducing its solar-powered Eco Smart Glass to the UAE, signalling its intention to play a more active role in the GCC region. Jason Lin, Assistant Vice President, Nexpower, spoke with Climate Control Middle East about the company’s strategy for the region and the technology which, he said, is especially suitable for the UAE, owing to the country’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals and year-round sunshine.

Lin said the company’s decision to enter the market was owing to requests it had received earlier in the year. “Environmental consciousness and higher electricity cost has driven demand for this from the beginning of the year,” Lin said. “We received a lot of inquiries from the UAE and other parts of the region, as it has the ability not only to generate power but also save energy.” Lin said Nexpower has provided a number of simulations in East Asia and across Europe. “So, why not here, which has more sun?” he asked. “Also, there is a need to save [power consumption] from air conditioning. So, [the application] is even more suitable here. We just didn’t come earlier, but we hope we can have a very solid progress, very fast [in the region].”

Lin touched on a number of project references, particularly a house in Switzerland featuring this technology, which was completed in 2015. “The record of power output performance for the whole year of 2016 is very excellent,” he said. “It generates more than they need for the whole year. They make good use of every inch of the surface of the building and the roof.” Lin said Nexpower provided façade material solar modules and that the house stores surplus energy generated for winter. “Without our modules on the facade this target cannot be reached, so we are happy to provide this vital role,” he pointed out.

Lin stressed that the cost of the house was only 10% higher, when the solar part was added, stressing that this is a small amount given that the value generated is notable. Lin added that Nexpower worked closely with the architect and other stakeholders for the project, to provide customised dimensions and that it is looking to work with similar distributors in the region for upcoming projects.

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